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Upgrading glass in upvc windows and conservatories across the midlands including cannock,wolverhampton, stafford, walsall, birmingham, tamworth and derby.

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Welcome to Energy glass upgrades.

Energy glass upgrades is an new service that provides the consumer with the opportunity to change their glass without changing their frames.

Glass technology has changed dramatically over the past number of years and now boasts efficiencies that are now over twice as effective to that of glass installed prior to 2004.

Sample U-Values

Single glazing                              5.8 U-Value

Standard Double Glazing              2.7 (Prior to 2004)

Upgraded Double Glazing             1.2

Upgraded Triple Glazing               0.6

Window Energy Efficiency

When it comes to Windows & Conservatories, many home owners focus on frame style and security features and simply assume that all double glazing is equally efficient. In fact, there  are huge differences in performance and, perhaps surprisingly, it is the glass that is the most important element in optimising the energy efficiency of your windows.

The benefits of ‚Äúchanging the pane without changing the frame‚Ä?

How it works !

UPVC Restoration service

We  offer a complete UPVC restoration service were we will clean all your frames with special solutions and solvents to bring your windows back to life.

Also we can re-trim and re-seal your frames for a complete transformation.